La Trobe University

La Trobe University

Master of Digital Health

The Master of Digital Health in Health Professions is offered by La Trobe University.

Program Length: 2 YEARS.

Digital innovation is transforming our lives. Finance, manufacturing, retail and automotive industries have been revolutionised by artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of Things – healthcare is next. Electronic health records, real-time data harvesting, wearable devices and mHealth apps are just some of the new digital health technologies driving improvements to strained healthcare systems.

Demand for professionals who can design, develop, implement and manage leading digital health technologies and innovations is booming. La Trobe's Master of Digital Health was developed to give you the specialised knowledge and skills to meet this demand.

Choose from a broad range of electives or build specialised knowledge in key technical areas such as health technopreneurship and data analytics. Then put your knowledge into practice when you complete a digital health-focused project addressing a healthcare need or opportunity.

As the healthcare system becomes increasingly digitally enabled, future professionals will require additional skills to practise at the interface of healthcare and digital technologies. This trend also creates new career opportunities; possible options include:
  • Healthcare analytics professional
    • Analyse and evaluate health-related data to deliver optimal care management in a variety of healthcare settings.
  • Digital health transformation manager
    • Champion digital health initiatives and help devise and implement digital health innovations and data technology systems to enhance clinical workflows.
  • Digital health technopreneur
    • Design, develop and/or market disruptive innovations that target various digital health segments in collaboration with healthcare partners and healthtech organisations.
  • Digital health researcher
    • Keep abreast with the latest digital health innovations through conducting ground-breaking research related to digital health applications, developments, implementations and evaluations.

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