University of Divinity

University of Divinity

Graduate Diploma in Divinity

The Graduate Diploma in Divinity in Theology and Religious Studies is offered by University of Divinity.

Program Length: 1 .

The Graduate Diploma in Divinity allows students to explore multiple areas of interest in divinity and its associated disciplines or to engage with one or two areas in depth. It serves as a foundation for study of theology or philosophy and disciplines which are associated with them.Note: This award may be used as an exit point from eligible students enrolled in a Masters degree who meet the admission requirements.

Course learning outcomes
Graduates of the Graduate Diploma in Divinity
  1. have advanced knowledge in one or more areas of divinity and associated disciplines
  2. have research, analysis and communication skills applicable to postgraduate study
  3. apply skills of interpretation to texts or concepts
  4. apply judgement based on theory, practice and tradition to contemporary issues.

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