University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne

Master of Urban and Cultural Heritage

The Master of Urban and Cultural Heritage in Architecture is offered by University of Melbourne.

Program Length: 4 SEMESTERS.

Subjects: 8.

Heritage skills are in great demand throughout Australia and globally, including the Asia-Pacific region. The Master of Urban and Cultural Heritage is designed to complement existing professional skills in areas such as architecture, planning, archaeology and history as well as provide a pathway to a new career in the management, conservation and interpretation of heritage.

This unique cross-disciplinary and industry-oriented program is open to graduates who are passionate about the social and cultural dimensions of the built environment in the 21 st century. Urban and cultural heritage is central to global cities today. Interpretation, management and conservation of urban and cultural heritage are increasingly matters of urgency and significance for global cities and communities.

Heritage professionals help to tackle a broad range of challenges, including the pressures of rapid urbanisation, issues of economic, social and environmental sustainability, as well as social and cultural change. As such, this course examines contemporary and theoretical approaches to heritage policy, which includes regulation and practice, new approaches to digital technologies and heritage, issues of heritage significance within historical and cross-cultural contexts, cultural heritage and its social and economic impacts including tourism and heritage reconstruction. Students will gain critical research and presentation skills in the analysis, documentation and management of heritage sites, landscapes, and tangible and intangible cultural practices.

The graduates work as:

  • Heritage Planning Associate
  • Heritage Officer
  • Heritage Consultant
  • Community Advocate - Built Heritage

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